Just inside the door to FieldHaven Marketplace is Champy’s Catfé, Lincoln’s own version of the nationwide trend to spotlight two of our favorite pastimes: cats and coffee! Step into Champy’s, brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea (or bring your own), and settle in for a visit with some of FieldHaven’s favorite adoptable cats. Bring your book or laptop and plan to stay for a spell.

Current Adoptables

Come stop by the Catfé and meet a furrever friend!


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Adult Female
9 years (01/01/2010)
Domestic Short Hair – Orange and White (mix)

Hello! My name is Popcorn. I know, I have mucked up eyes. Haven’t you ever heard not to judge a book by its cover? Despite my runny eyes, I am in very good health! I love wet food, I love to nap, and I love to be pet. At first I seem timid, but as soon as you start to scratch my back, I turn on the purr and I don’t stop! I would like a nice, quiet home where I can sunbathe in a warm fluffy bed and have access to unlimited supplies of Friskies pate! I get along with other cats, so if you have them, that’s not a problem for me. If you’re looking for a quiet kitty to cuddle up on the couch with, I’m the gal for you!

My adoption fee has been SPONSORED! In Lieu of flowers for our 15 year anniversary.
Love, Alan, Katya, Maiia and baby Kaj!

Moonstone Myers

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Adult Female
2 years (01/03/2017)
Domestic Short Hair – Black

I was a wonderful mommy who came to Fieldhaven with my four kittens. I was born with three legs and I get around fine! I’m mild mannered, never any trouble, love my chin rubs and being warm. Ok with other cats, not sure about dogs. I’ll steal your heart once we bond. They call me Mooney and I am glad to be safe! Now that I am an “empty nester,” I am looking for my own forever home. I am a sweet lady who loves to be brushed, pet and held. I may seem a little shy at first but once I warm up to you I will purr like crazy!

FIV Positively Adoptable!

My adoption fee has been SPONSORED! Thank you Morgin!

Izzie J8

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Izzie J8.JPG

Adult Male
1 year (03/01/2018)
Domestic Short Hair – Black and White

Hello! My name is Izzie, and I’ve had a bit of a rough life. My brother Milo and I were abandoned by our owners on a busy street. A nice woman took us home and cared for us until we were healthy enough to be adopted. We then came to FieldHaven where we were adopted out together! Unfortunately, our new owner could not keep us both so I returned to FieldHaven. I was then adopted out to another nice family but their dog didn’t really like me.. so here I am again! I have been told by everyone here at FieldHaven that I am the best boy! I love to be pet and I love to play. I will purr and chirp when I am looking for attention. I get along well with other cats, dogs, and children. I prefer calmer dogs and children that are used to being around cats. I love to look outside and climb and nap on cat trees. I really am a great boy and I’m looking for a forever home, can I go home with you? 

Mars (Buster) and Tye Camp Fire

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Mars CF

Tye CF.jpg


Mars:                                                                          Tye:
Adult Male                                                                Adult Male
6 years, 9 months (06/06/2012)                           6 years, 9 months (06/06/2012)
Domestic Short Hair – Black and White          Domestic Short Hair – Brown Tabby

Mars and Tye are brothers who were separated when the Camp Fire raced through their home on November 8th. On January 6th Rachel Freeman found Mars in her trap, just a few doors down from his home. He came to FieldHaven where he was found to have a microchip. His family was contacted. With their lives in a precarious state because of the fire they relinquished Mars to us. Last weekend on a very stormy night Shannon Jay called our Transfer Station in Paradise with the news that he was on his way with an older gent who was wet and cold. While Shannon was warming him up in his arms we found a microchip! We were excited to learn that Tye was Mars brother. The next day he was transferred to FieldHaven’s main shelter in Lincoln. When Scout Valentine placed Tye in the condo with his brother, Mars started chirping. They haven’t been separated since. Both boys are adjusting wonderfully in the shelter! As soon as you enter the room they will meow and purr for attention. If you take a seat on the bench you can expect both boys to take turns jumping on your lap! Although they have been through a lot their loving personalities are shining and they are ready for a new home! If you’re looking for two very affectionate lap cats these are the boys for you!

We are a bonded pair!

Shay and Peter Sakamoto

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Shay:                                                                          Peter:
Adult Female                                                            Adult Male
7 years, 2 months (01/01/2012)                           11 years (02/10/2008)
Domestic Medium Hair – Brown Tabby            Domestic Short Hair – Brown Tabby

I’m the beautiful Shay. I love my brother Peter . He is my protector and he grooms me. I may take a while before I’ll let you pet me. My owner was so busy with so many cats that I’m not used to that. I have loved wet food and other cats here at FieldHaven and its my turn for a home. I hope you will consider taking my brother too. I love wet food and always use a litter pan.

I came from a home full of cats; our owner meant well but it was crowded and I never got enough food so I made up for it at FieldHaven. I get along well with other cats but I’m not sure of dogs. I could learn to get along if the dog were mild mannered like me. I love those little toy springs and wet food, I just love that stuff! Its the key to my heart. I groom my sister Shay and we would love a home together. I am her protector and she’s my boss. I’m also low maintenance and always use my litter pan. It won’ take long before I greet you at the door and snuggle up for Netflix with you.

We are a bonded pair!


All cats and kittens have received age-appropriate vaccines and are spayed/neutered and microchipped.

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